It’s All About Colour

A few weeks ago, just when Autumn was finishing, I headed off into the Gwydir Forest looking for some nice colours. The day before we had experienced heavy rain and high winds, a lot of the trees had already lost their leaves. But I wasn’t after trees with leaves. I was looking for fallen leaves to add a splash of colour to a small waterfall I often pass when heading into the forest

First and foremost, make it an obvious picture of colour! Rather than looking for rocks, leaves, trees, waterfalls, birds, flowers, fire hydrants, starfish, boats, orchards, or bridges, focus your energy and vision on red, blue, yellow, orange, green, or violet. Colour first, content second! – Bryan Peterson – From the book: “Learning to See Creatively: Design, Colour & Composition in Photography”

Everything was wet, the roads through the forest were slippery with leaves that had fallen. not ideal if you hit a really slippery patch and start to slide. But thankfully everything was OK.

The waterfall I was after is quite small, but that means I can get really close to it without worrying about spray and mist fogging the front of my lens. Thankfully the rain had made it a bit more forceful and there were a lot of wet leaves lying on the rocks

Gwydir Forest Waterfall
One of the many small waterfalls to be found in the forest

So I got my colour, orange and greens. I hope you like the photograph.

This is another test post to see how the WP Media Server handles portrait mode photographs



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