BlogStomp, What Is It?

In the past I have always used Windows Live Writer to write my blog posts. But for sometime Microsoft have not updated it and no longer support it. After one big Windows 10 update it just failed to work, which left me looking around for an alternative to write my blog posts. I’ve tried Microsoft Word, Open Live Writer and a few other in between but finally I settled on the desktop app that WordPress themselves supply. It works fine, but the biggest problem was trying to embed my files from Flickr.

Now that SmugMug have decided to limit non-pro users to 1000 photographs I had to settle for a new place to put the photographs that I would use in blog posts. The obvious answer was the WP Media Server, which although limited to 3Gb should suffice if I kept the files small. That’s where Adobe Lightroom comes in, especially as I found out that there was a plugin for Lightroom which uploaded my photographs directly to the WP Media Server. So to all intents and purposes I was sorted.

Then, purely by chance I heard about BlogStomp. It’s an app which optimizes your photographs for web use.

amongst other things you can make collages of photographs. You can put a border around them as well.

Mike Hardisty Photography,

and include watermarks

You can even write direct to your blog from BlogStomp, which I’m doing now. At the moment it’s in trial mode so when I post this it’s going to have watermarks all over it. I’ve been playing around with it for about a week now, just making test posts that I’ve not published, but I thought I’d share this one.

Now as much as I like BlogStomp, I’m thinking do I need to spend USD$49 to be able to write a blog post, when I’ve got free tools to do so. Admittedly Lightroom isn’t free, but it’s a tool I couldn’t do without to manage and process my photographs, so I accept that as a necessary expanse. Apart from the collages. I reckon I still could get by without BlogStomp.

Have you heard of BlogStomp? Do you use it in your workflow? If you do I’d appreciate your input.

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